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In INOUT, we use the brand-new Symmed Elite technology, together with its exclusive Symmed Face & Neck facial line, to effectively apply multiple personalised treatments for each patient’s skin.

t is the best radiofrequency diathermy currently available, and it generates electromagnetic waves to produce high temperatures in the deepest skin tissues. This technology has a metabolic activation effect, increasing blood circulation and activating cell mechanisms, which often produce skin conditions.

It is a very fast and effective treatment for the regeneration of the skin and muscle at an internal level with which we can reaffirm the face like no other device. We can treat from hydric dark circles, dark circles with fat, lifting in parody, double chin jowls, double chin with flaccidity and total face (reduction of wrinkles on the forehead, eyes and lips).

We can also combine this therapy with our facial shockwave to boost the results by creating a unique protocol to achieve remarkable results on our skin from the very first session.

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This treatment helps to reactivate skin elastin; it plumps fine lines, firms the skin, and enhances texture significantly. Additionally, we work on several layers of the skin with this non-aggressive and painless treatment. This treatment is suitable for any season, and you can return to your ordinary activities after it, even in the summer.

We use the ALMA Q laser machine for this treatment, which has plenty of benefits. It is a revolutionary technology for rejuvenating each layer of skin in three phases: firmness, luminosity, and peel.

Perfect for those who need skin quality and want to achieve that instant-looking-good appearance.

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If you are concerned about the first signs of aging, hyaluronic acid treatments are a great combination to keep your face looking younger.

With our personalized techniques, a professional team with years of experience and top of the line, high quality products, we achieve very natural and personalized results.

With hyaluronic acid we can treat lips in all their versions, dark circles under the eyes, nasolabial fold, jaw marking, rhinomodeling, cheekbones, temporal fossa.

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This laser helps us to reduce melasma (hormonal spots), and helps to create a protective barrier on our skin to protect it during long periods of sun exposure, in turn we activate collagen and elastin, improve the texture of the face, unify the tone and provide luminosity.

It is a totally painless and non-invasive treatment. We always recommend starting with the hygiene + laser pack to prepare the skin for treatment and do a set of three sessions spaced over 3 weeks to achieve optimal results: a more unified face , reduced spots and a smooth texture.

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It is the most effective fractional laser of last generation to combat scars, deep acne marks and fine lines of expression. In addition, it helps us to firm the skin, unifies the tone of the face and improves its texture.

We can perform this laser treatment on the face, neck, neckline, arms ... and we recommend it especially for those who want to rejuvenate the face or have marks caused by acne.

We always perform this treatment under topical anesthesia, so it is not painful. Thanks to this laser procedure we also achieve the creation of collagen found under the first layer of the skin.

With this treatment we can reduce marks, unify the tone and improve the texture of the face, smoothness and firmness. We can perform it on the whole face or in localized areas.

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