Your night serum that... It has the most effective retinol with all the benefits we love about it.

This intensive night treatment serum contains what is today the chalice of youth, the philosopher's stone of beauty: retinol. Formulated at 0.3% to make it as effective as possible and, of course, safe to use. What are its benefits? It fights the main signs of aging, wrinkles, flaccidity and blemishes.

Treats wrinkles, reduces blemishes, eliminates acne, improves skin texture and renewal.

The skin renews itself while you sleep and day after day improves its texture and appearance. If you are consistent, you will notice it is much silkier, softer and more supple.

Combined with Vitamin E, it strengthens the skin barrier, improves hydration, protects the skin, treats scars, renews and regenerates the skin.

Leaves skin soft, luminous, rejuvenated and healthier.

For whom is it intended?

For all skin types, mature, blemishes, acne, scars, enlarged pores or uneven texture.

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